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University of San Diego

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The University of San Diego is a nationally ranked Roman Catholic institution located on a 180-acre site in San Diego, California.Overlooking Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean, the university campus is a community treasure, with 16th-century Spanish Renaissance-inspired buildings and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.This private, co-educational institution is noted for its commitment to teaching, the liberal arts, formation of values, and community service.USD is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It offers more than 60 degrees at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels. The school also adds depth to education by inspiring students to grow spiritually, morally, and socially.The University of San Diego operates six schools and colleges, namely - the School of Business Administration, School of Education, School of Law, School of Nursing and Health Science, College of Arts and Sciences, and the Joan B. Current enrollment includes more than 7,000 undergraduate, graduate and law students with 706 faculty members.The academy was founded in 1952 as the San Diego College for Women with 50 students. Buddy, bishop of the Diocese of San Diego, and Mother Rosalie Hill, superior vicar of the Society of the Sacred Heart.They chartered the School from resources drawn from their respective organizations on a stretch of land called "Alcala Park" - named for San Diego de Alcala, a Franciscan lay brother from the Spanish town of Alcala de Henares, near Madrid.A separate school for men, known then as San Diego University, was chartered on the same campus in the spring of 1954. At the beginning, it had temporary quarters as professors welcomed 39 students in the College for Men and 60 students in the School of Law.Both schools co-existed on the Alcala Park site for nearly two decades. Thereafter, USD has grown quickly and dramatically increased its assets and academic programs.Today, the campus houses 33 major buildings, encompassing more than 2 million square feet, which house educational, administrative, residential, athletic, dining, and support services.The Immaculata Church at the University of San Diego, built by the Diocese of San Diego at the time of school’s founding, still serves USD and its surrounding neighbors.The Copley Library and the Pardee Legal Research Center houses more than 800,000 print volumes. The University Circuit Library Consortium also provides access to an additional two million volumes.From clubs and career organizations to environmental activism, the social possibilities are bountiful on campus. The sports teams, known as the “Toreros,” compete in the NCAA's Division I (I-AA for football) in the West Coast Conference.

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